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project sample - document training

Project Info:

"I was really impressed by TWC response times during our document development. We were trying to develop a simple to use product that managed a very complicated process, all this under very tight deadlines. TWC always delivered. They were very easy to work with and listened carefully to our end user requirements and came up with innovative technical ways of meeting them. TWC were able to use innovative design ideas to meet our end user criteria."

Miles Davis - The Crofters Commission

About the company

The Crofting Commission are a body that provide support services to the crofting community of Scotland.

Situation, the objectives and TWC’s involvement

The Crofting Commission were looking at how best to streamline and standardise their communications. After consultation it was decided that as part of their standardisation process they would produce all user documentation within the constraints of a defined document style guide. To achieve a uniform style they wanted to provide users (who generated documentation) with a limited number of styles to choose from, all of which would be predefined within the style guide. TWC was invited to help design the style guide; the master template file that all documentation would be generated from; as well as to provide onsite training and consultation in how to correctly apply style to documentation.

Services provided

  • Document design services
  • Document usability consultation
  • Onsite training

Process and working relationship

The project work TWC provided the Crofting Commission ran for approximately 8 months and all work, consultation and training was provided for Microsoft Office 2007. Initial requests were dealt with via email and telephone and included formatting and usability services (adding macros to documents, enabling styles etc). TWC was involved in a number of conference calls with various personnel at the Crofting Commission, which lead to the request for onsite training. The training was provided to a group of around 25 Crofting Commission employees over 1 day, with an introductory session in the morning giving an overview of the use of document styles, and a follow up training exercise in the afternoon, culminating in a review and feedback session. Subsequent follow up work was provided remotely.


TWC helped the Crofting Commission develop a style guide that enabled end-user documentation to be presented in a standard look and style and which would ultimately be usable for users with limited access to documents or who lacked basic IT skills. The training provided, resulted in the deployment of a template file that would be used for all subsequent documentation work as well as enhancing staff productivity by making them better aware of how to use styles in Microsoft Word.

  • Created by: TWC Digital
  • Completed on:2013
  • Skills: Project Management
  • Industry: Public Sector
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