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The Benefits of Great Looking Tender & Proposal Documents

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Tender document design

Designing a tender can be a very complex process. The majority of tender documents will be bulky, and will have passed through the hands of a considerable number of different departments or personnel before they are submitted. Having to submit such a bulky document in time often means that other considerations may be disregarded, and so the tender document tends to become rather dull and uninspiring. Of course, this is the very thing that the submitter doesn't want, as they intend to make it eye-catching and exciting. In order to manage the creation of an interesting document in the time available, using tender document design specialists can be the best route.

Using a design template

Designing a tender document which is both relevant to the project and also looks very attractive can benefit from the use of a tender document design template. This is essentially a pattern, or formula which is used in order to ensure that the document contains all of the relevant information but also has a clear creative vision. Content is essential if you wish to make your tender engaging and appealing to viewers. Engaging the audience is the best way to ensure that your tender is memorable and will appeal to potential clients.

Advantages of a design template

By allowing a tender design template, you can receive more interest in your document and may ensure that your design is the winning application, simply through making it more appealing and focused. Clients are more likely to grant tender applications if they feel that their needs have been accommodated through the use of design and creativity. Your tender will look more attractive, and will also be more professional, making it seem the best offer. There are several stages which can help you to improve the look of your tender document, from having a professional layout on each page to illustrating key points. In order to take advantage of these elements in your documents, you should think about a quote template design when setting out your tender.

Key factors in design templates

There are several key factors to any business proposal design template.

  1. Firstly, you need to use a professional looking layout for your pages. Grid-based layouts, or those with rigid structures, are usually the best options for tender documents. It makes you seem more organised, and helps to create a professional air for your document. Ensuring that each paragraph is formatted in the same way, along with the same font and short paragraphs allowing lots of white space on all sides helps to make the package more attractive.
  2. Using lists also helps to entice people to read the document, and will ensure that even skin readers will get an idea of the content. All design templates will include key points boxes in important positions throughout the document.
  3. Pictures and captions are also very important. You are essentially advertising your services, and therefore need visuals in the same way as any other ad. Create pictures with relevant captions which will help to persuade your clients. Most design templates will allow you to add clear text to picture boxes throughout the document.

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Posted by Tom Wilson-Copp

Tom Wilson-Copp is a document design and production consultant who specialises in the project management and delivery of B2B services including design, localisation, off-line production and digital marketing.
With over 12 years experience working within the business services industry, Tom has worked for both large multinationals as well as bespoke service agencies.