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Keyboard Shortcuts to speed up productivity in Microsoft Word

keyboard shortcuts

Coming from a design based 'copy/paste' background I use keyboard shortcuts for pretty much everything I do. My wife however seldom does and is always impressed when she watches me use my PC and I naviagte around the screen and execute actions without ever clicking a mouse. Keybaord shortcuts, I would say, speed up my work and productivity by a good 10%.

In the below table I’ve put together some of my favourite keyboard shortcut for Microsoft Word. Some you may know – some you may not, and I would be very interested to hear any more that you use that you would like to see added to the list.

Getting around in a document

Key Moves Insertion Pointer
Up one line of text.
Down one line of text
Right to the next character
Left to the next character
Ctrl +↑ Up one paragraph
Ctrl +↓ Down one paragraph
Ctrl + → Right one word
Ctrl + ← Left one word
PgUp Up one screen
PdDn Down one screen
End To end of current line
Home To start of current line
Ctrl + Home To top of document
Ctrl + End To bottom of document

Text formatting Key Commands

Command Key combination
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Double Underline Ctrl + Shift + D
Word Underline Ctrl + Shift + W
Small caps Ctrl + Shift + K
Superscript Ctrl + Shift ++
Subscript Ctrl + =
Erase Format Ctrl + Spacebar
Grow Font Ctrl + Shift + >
Shrink Font Ctrl + Shift + <
ALL CAPS Ctrl + Shift + A
Font Ctrl + Shift + F
Point size Ctrl + Shift + P
Font dialog box Ctrl + D

Paragraph formatting Key Commands

Command Key combination
Center text Ctrl + E
Left align Ctrl + L
Right align Ctrl + R
One-line spacing Ctrl + 1
1.5 line spacing Ctrl + 5
Two line spacing Ctrl + 2
Justify Ctrl + J
Indent paragraph Ctrl + M
Unident Ctrl + Shift + M
Hanging indent Ctrl + T
Unhandg indent Ctrl + Shift + T

Common Word Key Commands

Command Key/Key Combination
Help F1
Go back Shift + F5
Open Ctrl + O
Close Ctrl + W
Paste Ctrl + V
Find Ctrl + F
Cancel Escape
New Document Ctrl + N
Print Ctrl + P
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Find & replace Ctrl + H
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Posted by Tom Wilson-Copp

Tom Wilson-Copp is a document design and production consultant who specialises in the project management and delivery of B2B services including design, localisation, off-line production and digital marketing.
With over 12 years experience working within the business services industry, Tom has worked for both large multinationals as well as bespoke service agencies.